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The Factory of Imposters (La fabrique des imposteurs)



Original Language: French | 320 pp | January 2013

2 Seas Represents: Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian,  Finnish and US English rights.


A book that masterfully demonstrates that our society of standards manufactures impostors, in the name of so-called pleasure where meaning has been replaced by marketing and advertising. And it invites us to become actors of our world again.

The impostor is among us: at school, the hospital, in museums, he estimates, counts, clicks, stores and measures performance at all levels. But contemporary society pushes us towards being impostors ourselves as well. We verify the means and the conformity of the procedures to ensure that “it” runs well in agreement with the instruments that claim to measure everything without asking us why it runs. Yet today, “it” goes wrong because no virtuous circle has been established (we try to monitor the performance, not to improve the practices). And we are so over-adapted to our servitude that we believe we have no other choice and continue to run in our wheel like hamsters.

Yet this book is also realistic: since it is impossible to remove the standards, the solution resides in a sufficient play in their use, so that they don’t prevent invention. Thus only the ambition of culture and the audacity of shared freedom will allow us to create the future. We have become technicians, and Roland Gori incites us to become creators again.

Close to Winnicott’s and Michel Foucault’s schools of thoughts, Roland Gori is professor emeritus of psychology and psychopathology based in Marseilles and a social activist. In 2009 he initiated l’Appel des appels ( against the destruction of the social link. His numerous works include La Santé totalitaire, De quoi la psychanalyse est-elle le nom and L’Appel des appels (15,000 copies sold). His last book was La Dignité de penser.

 – A relevant analysis that sheds light on different protest movements around the world (Occupy Wall Street, Los Indignados, etc.).

– An exciting and encouraging book which shows that it is possible to reclaim the meaning of our words and our actions.