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The Expedition: True Story of the First Human-Powered Circumnavigation of the Earth



Original Language: English | 244 pp. | 2012-2014

2 Seas Represents: World translation rights & English language rights except North America.

Rights Sold: China (rights reverted), Finland (Basam Books), Germany (Piper/Malik, 3-book deal), Taiwan (Sunflower media, 3-book deal).

Guinness World Record for circumnavigating the planet using only human power


Book 1 – DARK WATERS: July 2012
Book 2 – THE SEED BURIED DEEP: December 2013
Book 3 – TO THE BRINK: April 2016

“A journey of great courage and determination.” — His Holiness The Dalai Lama

“Two broken legs would be a trip ender for me… An incredible amount of stamina.” — Jay Leno, The Tonight Show

“An adventure of two lifetimes…” — The San Francisco Chronicle

“A breath-taking contribution to the literature of exploration. The author writes compellingly, with a great depth of emotional engagement and leaves the reader with a ferocious appetite for the rest of the of log of this 
amazing journey” — The Independent Book Publishing Association’s Benjamin Franklin Awards

“We see a man who is – as Mowgli put it in The Jungle Book – prepared to pull the whiskers of death.” — London Times

“Arguably, the most remarkable adventurer in the world today.
Many people would certainly go insane if they weren’t killed first.” — The Daily Mail

“I believe it is important in our era of cars, trains and aeroplanes that we are reminded what human beings can achieve using their own strength and resources.” — His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance meets Bill Bryson’s
A Walk in the Woods. A thoroughly entertaining and insightful read.” — Charlie Boorman, Long Way Down 

“An extraordinary adventure.” — The Independent

“An enthralling read.” — Outdoor Photography

With an award-winning first installment, The Expedition chronicles in three parts Lewis’s 46,505-mile journey across five continents, two oceans, and one sea using only the power of his body: walking, cycling, and inline skating the landmasses, and kayaking, rowing, swimming, and pedaling a boat across the oceans—with no assistance from motors or the wind.

Watch the author being interviewed by Jay Leno at the Tonight Show, as well as this great BBC feature.

Lewis set four world records, and clinched what the London Sunday Times hailed as “The last great first for circumnavigation.”

But it was more than just a physical challenge. Prompted by what scientists dubbed the “perfect storm” as the global population soars to 8.3 billion by 2030, adventurer Jason Lewis used the expedition to reach out to thousands of classrooms around the world, calling attention to our interconnectedness and shared responsibility of an inhabitable Earth for future generations, while raising thousands of dollars for orphaned children along the way.

Further praise for THE EXPEDITION:

“A mind-boggling odyssey beyond the stretch of the average imagination…” —Associated Press
“Often funny and irreverent, always frank and authentic… marked by the thrills of a first-rate adventure.” —ForeWord Reviews
“A riveting true-life adventure that’s as inspiring as it is thrilling.” —Utne Reader
“It takes noble thinking on behalf of the planet, a love for life, and a soul full of dreams to accomplish a truly great journey. His journey is not great. It’s freakin’ epic!” —Les Stroud, Survivorman
“A heady blend of stinging wit, unflinching honesty, and headstrong badassery…both horrifying and enormously inspiring.” —Anna Weltner, New Times
“An epic journey that few can rival… I admire Jason’s tenacity so much.” —Bear Grylls (Man vs. Wild)
“Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance meets Bill Bryson’s A Walk in the Woods…” —Charley Boorman, Long Way Down


“Arguably, the most remarkable adventurer in the world today.” —The Daily Mail

Jason Lewis is an award-winning adventurer, author, and voice for global sustainability. He is accredited with being the first person to circumnavigate the Earth without using motors or sails: walking, cycling, and inline skating five continents, and kayaking, swimming, rowing, and pedalling a boat across the rivers, seas, and oceans. Taking thirteen years to complete, the 46,505-mile journey was hailed “the last great first for circumnavigation” by the London Sunday Times.

A frequent contributor to magazines (Men’s Fitness, Sports Illustrated, Geographical) and travel books (Chicken Soup for the Traveler’s Soul, HCI, 2002; Flightless, Incredible Journeys Without Leaving the Ground, Lonely Planet, 2008; The Modern Explorers, Thames & Hudson, 2013), Jason has set three additional records: the first crossing of the Atlantic Ocean from mainland Europe to North America by human power; first crossing of North America on inline skates; and first crossing of the Pacific Ocean by pedal power. He is a Fellow of London University, the Royal Geographical Society, and The Explorers Club, and has appeared on numerous television and talk shows, including The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (NBC), Good Morning America (ABC), and CBS This Morning.


《13年2个月23天11个小时的环球旅行记:黑水迷踪》封面平封      平封《绝地重生》


  • China (Sunnbook Culture & Art) Book 1: Dark Waters
  • China (Sunnbook Culture & Art) Book 2: The Seed Buried Deep
  • Taiwan (Sunflower Media) Book 1:Dark Waters
  • Taiwan (Sunflower Media) Book 2: The Seed Buried Deep
  • Taiwan (Sunflower Media) Book 3 vol. 1: To the Brink
  • Taiwan (Sunflower Media) Book 3 vol. 2: To the Brink


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