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The Exceptional Apprentice (L’apprendista geniale)



Original Language: Italian | 270 pp. | September 2018

2 Seas represents: Dutch, World English, Nordic, French and Portuguese Rights.


  • An independent and highly determined heroine, whose dream is to become a journalist. She immediately wins the heart of the reader, just like Alice Allevi, the coroner brought to life by Alessia Gazzola’s refreshing pen.
  • A cross-section of readership: this is a story that appeals in particular to younger readers but will also find favour with a more adult audience.
  • A powerful and iconic setting: Venice is the fascinating framework to this story.

Andrea runs through the gates of the college, as the view of Venice disappears on the horizon. She’s late as usual and even clumsier than usual with the heavy bag on her shoulder. But in her pocket her hand closes around something that always manages to give her confidence. It’s a piece of paper with the words write, write, write scribbled on it. Three simple words that her mother taught her when she was a little girl. Three simple words that still point in the direction of her dream: to become a journalist.

Since the day she was old enough to hold a pen in her hand, Andrea has filled reams of paper, writing about everything. It’s her way of detaching her mind from all other thoughts.

Now she has finally entered one of the most prestigious schools of journalism, thanks entirely to a scholarship earned by her excellent marks at school. This is her strength.

But here, what she has learned up to now is not enough. Because in those classrooms ambition determines the way things go. Because there are people ready to do anything to put obstacles in her way and hinder her from reaching her objective. Ruthlessly. Luckily she has three friends alongside her, who were not deterred by her timid and solitary nature.

There’s Marilyn, always dressed in black, Andre who follows her like a shadow. And above all the enigmatic boy who goes by the name of Joker, with something hidden behind his enormous smile that Andrea can’t wait to discover. With them beside her, she feels safer. But it’s an enormous challenge. Becoming a journalist means everything to her. She must cling to her desire with even more determination. She can’t disappoint the person she promised so many years ago to do everything she could to achieve it. Even though it takes all the courage she never knew she possessed. 

Anna Dalton (Arzignano, 1986) is an Italian actress. She studied drama and dance from an early age, pursuing her dream. After completing her studies at the Scuola Duse International in Rome and in London, she acted in films and on stage. Amongst her recent successes, her leading role in the highly popular Italian TV series L’allieva (The Student Coroner), from the bestseller by Alessia Gazzola.