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The Educators. What Philosophy Can Teach Muddling Parents (De Opvoeders. Wat filosofie de schipperende ouder kan leren)



Original Language: Dutch | 248 pp. | November 2017

2 Seas Represents: World excl. Dutch rights.

Rights Sold: Korean (Saenggakui Jip, at auction).

English sample available


“The Educators is a very accessible book about parenting and everything that has been thought out and said about it throughout the centuries […] The ‘tergiversate-method’, which is discussed point by point in the final chapter, is interesting not only for parents, but for anyone assailed by serious doubts.” — Trouw

“Faltering parents find useful inspiration from great thinkers thanks to this beautifully written book. Recommended! wholeheartedly.” — Paul Verhaeghe, professor of clinical psychology, author of The Authority

“The Educators reads like a talk with friends about parenting your children. Everybody has a different approach, and everybody is tergiversating. Pithy stuff, yet accessible for the common reader.” — Diane’s Book Corner

“A passionate plea for tergiversating in parenting, this book will help parents to find solutions for ancient parenting dilemmas.” — De Volkskrant

“This book forces you to think about parenting and that is exactly what needs to happen.” — Willem de Jong, author of The Pampered Child Syndrome

The complete parenting book, with advice from great thinkers

Countless books and child care gurus are painting a scary picture: we tend to spoil our children way too much. A generation of spoiled princesses and little emperors is growing up mannerless. The indecisiveness of modern parents is leading to a new, society-wide parenting crisis: the so-called ‘tergiversate syndrome’.

Frank Meester and Stine Jensen provide a philosophical tool for exasperated parents. What sort of relevant insights do great thinkers have to offer?

Frank Meester (married, two teenaged sons) and Stine Jensen (divorced, one 6-year old daughter) are both philosophers and experts from practice, providing their two cents about parenting. For the HUMAN broadcasting organization they created the theatre show The Parenting Circus, which toured the Netherlands in 2017 and 2018.