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The Cycle of Syffe vol. 1-2 (Le Cycle de Syffe)



Original Language: French | 720 pp. | May 2018

2 Seas Represents: Danish, Dutch, World English, Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian and Swedish Rights.

English sample available in vol. 1

Winner of the PRIX PEPITES ROMAN 2018, Salon du livre et de la presse de Montreuil, PRIX IMAGINAIRE DE LA 25e HEURE DU LIVRE 2018, and PRIX JULIA VERLANGER 2018

Over 8,000 copies sold in vol. 1 and 5,000 copies in vol. 2


Departing from the lands ofthe roman noir, Patrick K. Dewdney is a newcomer in fantasy territories. The pull and scope of his novel is heady, an epic profoundly human that propel him among the great authors of the genre. — Olivier Legendre, Sauramps

This is not a first fantasy novel like any other but a lightning strike in a cloudless sky. With its sublime writing and the incredible depth of its world, Syffe detonates our imagination with the force of a meteor. The result? Masterly.  — Nicolas Winter, Justaword

This magnificent saga is tinged with Robin Hobb’s and Dickens’s like signatures. Stricken by fate, Syffe is an orphan in a pre-medieval world.

CHILD OF DUST – Book 1 – May 2018, 720 pp.

Syffe’s Cycle is a realistic saga conceived by a combined passion for history and modern narrative. Coming-of-age novel, on a backdrop of historical tumult, The Dust Child portrays a world in transition, torn between a former golden age and an uncertain present.

The Primates of Brune are plunged into chaos after the death of their king and the political outbreak that ensued. Syffe is a street urchin of unknown origins, who finds himself involved in the intrigues of the city where he is growing up. Recruited against his will by the guard of Corne-Brune, an isolated city on the wild border, he becomes informer then spy for the local Lord. His life changes dramatically when he is sacrificed as a pawn on the political chessboard by being designated as the author of a series of occult murders.

THE BLAGUE AND THE VINE  – Book 2 – September 2018, 624 pp.

In a time of wars and epidemics, Syffe, now an orphan teenage boy, is enslaved. When the plague reaches the mines where he is kept prisoner, Syffe manages to escape. He leaves with one objective in mind, to find Twig, his childhood sweetheart, held captive by the mysterious Leafy Men. This eventful journey through the Primates of Brune will find him in turns a teacher, a vagrant and a mercenary yet always a witness, powerless against the throes of a country torn by a civil war.

Equally inspired by History and contemporary fiction novels, Dewdney brings the fantasy back to its pure essence in his Cycle of Syffe, which is to bring to light Fate’s mechanisms and to write the epic saga of humanity in the grip of events that will forever impact its History.

Patrick K. Dewdney was born in England in 1984. Keen on literature for as long as he could remember, he went to school in France to study the French language. Since the publication of his first novel in 2007, he focuses solely on his writing, and publishes hard boiled detective novels, along with poetry. Patrick K. Dewdney currently lives in the countryside of Limousin, where he takes an active interest in ecology, zetetics, and social alternatives.