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The Criticism of Religion in German Thought from the 17th to the 20th Century (La critique de la religion dans la pensée allemande du XVIIIe au XXe siècle)

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Original Language: French | 320 pp. | 2011

2 Seas Represents: World Translation Rights.

This book offers an anthology of text by some of the foremost German thinkers, focusing on the religious question under in all its aspects. These extracts highlight the opinion of the German philosophical tradition since the end of the 17th century, including the German Enlightenment, Romanticism, Historicism and the absolute Idealism up to Feuerbach, Marx and Nietzsche ending with sociological perspectives by Georg Simmel and Marx Weber, and with psychoanalytic perspectives and Marxism. Altogether, this book includes 18 authors and 24 texts, each  preceded by a presentation of the author‘s view, highlighting the elements of continuity and of breach with the predecessors and explaining its historical influence. This book gives a story of the critical evaluations about religion by leading us to meditate on the range of positions which have been expressed on the compatibility between intellect and religion, the relationship between religion and politics, the status of the revealed religions, and on the place of the religious rites in our secularized societies.