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The Couple (Le couple)



Original Language: French | 96 pp. | May 2012

Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Icelandic, and English (USA & Canada) Rights.

Rights Sold: Czech (Portal).

Each spring, since May 2008, Guy Gilbert’s series of “Little Books” sheds a different, spiritual and caring light on major issues in contemporary society. They have all been very popular with the public and have become long-sellers, with sales that vary between 25,000 and 6,000 copies.



The Couple. How To Succeed the Great Adventure of Love
Whether it succeeds or fails, the couple is a great adventure of love for every human being. In this book, Guy Gilbert offers valuable paths to it, with infinite respect for those who are starting this journey. Indeed, in most Western countries, nearly half of the couples or more end up divorced. So how can we still talk about marriage nowadays?

Guy Gilbert discusses these issues with education and wisdom. He has observed all kinds of failures in love. Yet he has also seen successful couples. He shares his views, advice, and especially his enthusiasm for this surge of love that the couple embodies. He recalls the importance of such simple concepts as communication, knowing oneself and the other, preserving intimacy, and living together. He also talks openly about fidelity and sexuality, and their central role in the couple.

But he also supports those who are separated, those who believed in love but have not succeeded in their married life. He encourages listening to the suffering of the divorced, helping them in this difficult period, to be there for their children, to rebuild themselves.

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