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The Cosmetics of Chaos (Cosmétique du chaos)



Original Language: French | 112 pp. | February 2020

2 Seas Represents: North American, Dutch and Nordic rights


After losing her job, Hasna, who has just turned fifty and is recently widowed, feels obliged to undergo the plastic surgery recommended by her careers advisor if she is to find employment again. But it is a traumatic experience for this unemployed woman, who can no longer recognise herself in the mirror or indeed the features of other people. To withstand this dissolving of her identity, she starts to veil her face but is soon ‘sought by the police’ and finds herself in a race against the clock that takes her into the darkest recesses of society. Her fate becomes bound up with that of increasingly marginalised accomplices as a picture emerges of a totalitarian world centred on face recognition. Narrated in the second person, this is the story of a silent and faceless insurrection against a society policed by imaging technologies and mass surveillance.