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The Bookshop of Impossible Loves (La libreria degli amori impossibili)



Original Language: Italian | 240 pp. | May 2017

2 Seas Represents: Dutch rights

Rights sold: Germany (Droemer Knaur).


The Bookshop of Impossible Loves is one of those novels you begin to read without knowing how to stop until the end: captivating and masterly written, it flows without a break and overwhelms the reader like a river in food.

Anna is a head-in-the-clouds 34 years old who works in a beautiful bookshop in Turin: a timeless place run by distant and crabby Adele. Anna loves her routine: bicycle rides from home to work, cooking delicious dinners for her eccentric friends, lingering in a not too serious relationship with Edoardo. But her world changes after an unpredictable discovery: eight years ago she has left her beloved boyfriend Luca just on the basis of her friend Claudia’s lie. If it wasn’t for that lie, her life could have been completely different. Looking closer to her world, Anna will learn that nothing is what it seems, and even Adele will turn out different from how she looks like, with many hidden secrets in her past. Now it’s up to Anna to take control of her life and decide what direction her future might take, but destiny will have a hand in it too.

A delicate, intense book about finding your own way in life. A novel with an irresistible protagonist and the right amount of humor.