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The Art of Being Yourself. 23 exercises to free ourselves from our fears and to heal our wounds (L’Art et la manière d’être soi. 23 exercices pour nous affranchir de nos peurs et soigner nos blessures)



Original Language: French | 232 pp. | October 2019

2 Seas represents: World excl French rights.


A Revolutionary New Approach to Our Own Unconscious Minds

Have you ever felt like your life isn’t everything it should be? That your memories and fears are holding you back, keeping you from expressing your full potential? Are you constantly repeating self-sabotaging schemas without understanding why? If so, then like most of us, you’re most likely a prisoner of your unconscious and its jailer, your ego.

At the intersection of psychology, positive energy and spirituality, this guide explores themes like the ego, the unconscious and consciousness, the Self and the Soul’s Will. Over the course of these explorations, Malory Malmasson sheds light on the invisible mechanisms that influence us, running our lives and preventing us from achieving our true selves.

In 21 lessons, L’Art et la manière d’être soi provides the keys to liberating yourself from your fears, healing your wounds, and transforming cellular memories to facilitate access to the best version of yourself and your existence. The author’s account of her own personal evolution, as well as the numerous examples strewn throughout the book, make it a lively and accessible read.

Malory Malmasson is a cellular-memory therapist and psycho-energetic healer. A popular YouTuber, her website, is the only one offering French-language personal-development video programs for free. She is representative of the new generation, which has awakened to both the ecology and spirituality. In 2017, she founded the “Espace Totem,” where she offers classes and workshops. She lives in the Deux-Sèvres region in western France.

Strong points:

  • Malory is a renowned French-language self-help and spirituality YouTuber. Her blog on the website Doctissimo has over 45,000 subscribers, and her YouTube videos regularly get over 5 million views.
  • This attractive volume has color illustrations and a pleasing layout.
  • Her playful approach, including plenty of tests and exercises, is ground-breaking in the field of the unconscious.
  • A highly anticipated book, coming a year after her Soul Dating, which has already sold over 5,000 copies.