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The Arab of the Future vol. 4 (L’Arabe du futur t. 4)



Original Language: French | 288 pp. | September 2018

2 Seas Represents: World Excl French.

Rights Sold: Germany (Knaus/RandomHouse, at auction, later deals for vols. 2 & 3, 4 & 5), The Netherlands (De Geus, volume 1 at auction, volumes 2 and 3 as 2-book deal, later deal for vol. 4), World English (Metropolitan Books/Henry Holt, pre-empt, 3-book deal, later deal for vols. 4 & 5), UK (Two Roads, 3-book deal, later deal for vols. 4 & 5), Brazil (Intrinseca, volumes 3 and 4 as 2-book deal), Serbia (System Comics, 4-book deal)

Under option with the publishers who bought rights in The Arab of the Future Vol 1


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The fourth volume of the worldwide success The Arab of the Future, covers the period from 1987 to 1992.

Riad is nine years old at the beginning of this volume and throughout the text the reader watches his development into an adolescent. If becoming a teenager wasn’t complicated enough, Riad is torn between his two cultures – French and Syrian – and his parents are not getting along. His father has left for Saudi Arabia in search of work and in his solitude is seeking solace more and more from religion. Meanwhile, his mother has returned to Brittany with the children, as she cannot stand the hard demands of her strictly religious husband. That’s when the whole family has to return to Syria…

The Arab of the Future tells the story of Riad Sattouf’s childhood in the Middle East. The first volume (2014) covers the period from 1978 to 1984: from birth to the age of six, little Riad is shuttled between Libya, Brittany and Syria. The second volume (2015) tells the story of his first year of school in Syria (1984-1985). The third volume (2016) sees him between the ages of six and nine, the time he becomes aware of the society he is growing up in (1985-1987). This fourth volume is significantly longer (288 pp.), and from what has been revealed (an overthrow of their father’s power) it appears to be the most dramatic yet. 

An international publishing phenomenon, translated into 21 languages, the albums have been awarded multiple prizes, including the Grand prix RTL for graphic novels in 2014, the Fauve d’or (Best Album Prize) at the 2015 international festival of graphic novels in Angoulême and the Los Angeles Times Graphic Novel Prize in 2016.

The Arab of the Future will consist of five volumes.