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The Arab of the Future vol. 2 (L’Arabe du futur t. 2)



Original Language: French | 160 pp. | June 2015

2 Seas Represents: World Excl French.

Rights Sold: Brazil (Intrinseca, 2-book deal, at auction), Catalan (Salamandra, 3-book deal, at auction), Germany (Knaus/Randomhouse, at auction, later deals for vols. 2 & 3, 4 & 5), The Netherlands (De Geus, volume 1 at auction, volumes 2 and 3 as 2-book deal), Spain (Salamandra, 3-book deal, at auction), Denmark (Cobolt, 3-book deal), Sweden (Cobolt, 3-book deal, at auction), Finland (WSOY, 2-book deal, at auction), World English (Metropolitan Books/Henry Holt, pre-empt, 3-book deal), Korea (Humanist), Norway (Minuskel), UK (Two Roads/Hodder), Portugal (Teorema/Leya), Italy (Rizzoli-Lizard), Croatia (Fibra, 3-book deal), Poland (Kultura Gniewu), Czech Republic (Baobab Books, 2-book deal), Serbia (Systems comics, 4-book deal).

The first volume won the Best Album Prize at the Angoulême International Comic-Book Festival and the RTL Prize for Best Comic Strip Book of the Year, has sold over 450,000 copies in France, and has been translated in 18 countries!

Over 300,000 copies sold.

Full English translation available.

View our presentation of Vol. 1 here

The main point for me is to tell my story,” Sattouf says. “That of an Arabic father on the far right of the political spectrum and of a son who loves him.— The New Yorker

This is the second volume of Sattouf’s subversive graphic memoir, and like the first, it proves ‘irresistible,’ according to our critic Jennifer Senior.  The New York Times
This is a masterpiece that deserves the widest readership. The Arab Of The Future reminds us that, in talented hands, graphic novels are capable of carrying the weightiest themes, making us think, and touching our hearts while also keeping us hugely entertained. Riad Sattouf is one of the great creators of our time. Alain De Botton

This is THE literary event of the season.—RTL

Riad Sattouf’s autobiography is already a classic. — Thomas Mahler, Le Point

The humor is pitch-black, the characters vivid….Sattouf is a master of visual storytelling, capable of compressing a great deal of human emotion and contradictions within a few panels. He creates a searing depiction of growing up poor in a country ruled by corruption and religious zealotry. — Publishers Weekly

The second volume of the author’s graphic memoir presents a portrait of the Franco-Syrian artist as a young boy. A solid continuation, but subsequent volumes are sure to provide even more provocative material. — Kirkus Reviews

Like its predecessor, this instalment is deceptively simple in tone and style….Sattouf’s ability to convey his father’s character with just a few lines never ceases to amaze….Under Sattouf’s pen, this state of affairs becomes an ingeniously apt microcosm of the larger world he grew up in. — NPR

This a darker book than its predecessor, though it’s still drily funny, Sattouf never failing to make the most of the aching gap between his father’s fantasies and reality. — Guardian


Riad Sattouf, whose father is Syrian and whose mother is a Frenchwoman from Brittany, describes growing up in the Middle East in L’Arabe du futur.

In Volume 1, (1978-1984) little Riad shuttles between Libya, Brittany and Syria. In this second volume, which covers his first year of school in Syria (1984-1985), he learns to read Arabic, gets to know his father’s side of the family, and does his best to make his father proud by becoming a real little Syrian boy… despite his blond hair and his two weeks’ vacation in France with his mom.

Rural life and the harsh school in Ter Maaleh; shopping on the black market in Homs; dinners at the home of his father’s megalomaniac cousin, a general with close ties to the regime; parched strolls through the ancient city of Palmyra: this second volume introduces us to the Sattouf family’s surreal lifestyle in the land of the dictator Hafez Al-Assad.

The American press about vol. 1:

Subtly written and deftly illustrated, with psychological incisiveness and humor — Kirkus *Starred Review*

Despite his father’s determination to integrate his son into Arab society, little Sattouf—with his long blonde hair—never fully fits in, and this report reads like the curious pondering of an alien from another world. Caught between his parents, Sattouf makes the best of his situation by becoming a master observer and interpreter, his clean, cartoonish art making a social and personal document of wit and understanding.—Publishers Weekly *Starred Review*

This stunning memoir, reminiscent of a male Persepolis, was an award-winning bestseller when published in France. Sattouf gives a powerfully detailed child’s-eye view of the cultural conflict of our times.—Publishers Weekly


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Germany (Knaus Verlag), The Netherlands (De Geus), Spain (Salamandra), Catalan (Salamandra), Brazilian Portuguese (Intrinseca), Swedish (Cobolt), Finland (WSOY), Denmark (Cobolt), US (Metropolitan Books/Henry Holt), Croatia (Fibra), Italy (Rizzoli-Lizard), Czech Republic (Baobab Books), Poland (Kultura Gniewu)