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The Almanach of the Seasons (La Nature au fil des saisons)



Original Language: French | 208 pp. | November 2016

2 Seas Represents: World Excl. French.

A wonderful guide to accompany us all year long. – RTL

Inviting us to open our eyes to the flowers and animals around us, in the city or in the countryside, this illustrated book is a mine of information for the whole family.
– Union Press

An awakening of the senses and the knowledge, told with humor. – La Vie

A wonderful book, to offer all year round. And with very, very beautiful drawings by François Desbordes and Gilles Macagno. – Charlie Hebdo

This book will allow you in a fun and educational way to open your eyes to plants and animals. – JA mag


A look at the wildlife and plants around us over the months. An illustrated book for the whole family, both fun and educational. 

In line with his successful books Lane-side Nature (La nature en bord de chemin) and Lane-side Animals (Les animaux en bord de chemin), Marc Giraud invites us to learn about the wildlife and plants around us over the seasons.

A book for the whole family that tells us about the wonderful world of nature, month by month. The many fun and educational texts are accompanied by 400 original drawings.