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Take Two Chapters and Call Me in the Morning (Aux petits mots, les grands remèdes)



Original Language: French | 384 pp. | September 2016

2 Seas Represents: World Excl French.

Rights sold: Italy (Editrice Nord, in a pre-empt), Korea (Chaekpung), Czech Republic (XYZ-Albatros), China (Beijing Xiron Books, at auction), Taiwan (Business Weekly), Russia (Centrepolygraph)

Italian translation available

Over 15,000 copies sold

Shortlisted for the Prix Marcel Aymé


With a light and lively style, Uras gives us an invigorating and inspiring story, full of humor and character, that pays tribute to words. – Le Dauphiné Libéré

Michaël Uras has the capacity to combine profoundness with humor. – Elle

A vivid, cheerful and very refreshing novel, which reminds us that yes, definitely, books help us to live better. – Avantages

A book with a light and lively style and a ferocious sense of humor, married with great tenderness. A real success, that can win over a big audience; book lovers of course but also fans of well-structured stories that are told well. – L’Est Républicain 

After the success of his two first novels, including Looking for Proust (Chercher Proust), writer Michael Uras recounts, in Take Two Chapters and Call Me in the Morning, the hilarious and tragic story of a biblio-therapist. Vosges Matin 

A delightful novel that bears a joyous look at the books and their powers to better read between the lines. — Télé 7 jours

Bravo for this enjoyable experience in applied bibliotherapy! – Amélie Nothomb 

A novel bubbling with cleverness and brimming with love for literature while retaining a lightness of tone and sharp humor. L’Homme qui lit

A book on the pleasure of reading, the power of words, their potential to change life, to give us a little freedom, to uproot us from daily life … without forgetting it though. – La Presse

A novel that makes you want to read lots more novels!

The irresistibly clever trials and tribulations of a biblio-therapist.*

A subject for our time: How to find happiness through books.

A book that sparkles with wit!

Alex has chosen an uncommon profession: biblio-therapist. He tries to cure his patients’ ills with literature. The patients include Yann, a handicapped teen who gets bullied at school and who refuses to open up to the world, and the cynical Robert Chapman – crushed by his job, he has forgotten how to talk to his wife.

While Alex is a skilled practitioner, even he has to admit that his own private life leaves much to be desired… Can fiction help the biblio-therapist help himself? Is the key to happiness to be found between the lines of the books he so loves?

Michaël Uras’ light and lively style draws us into an invigoratingly up-to-date tale that pays tribute to words – both other people’s and those we set to our own inner songs.

* Biblio-therapist: a person who prescribes books instead of medicine


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Italy (Editrice Nord), Czech Republic (Albatros), Korean (Chaekpung), Taiwaense (Buisness Weekly)