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Switch Me On (Accendimi)



Original Language: Italian | 248 pp. | October 2017

2 Seas represents: French, Dutch, Portuguese, and Nordic Rights.

Over 31,000 copies sold


Sacher, Mimose, Millefoglie, Charlotte… Caterina’s cake shop sweetens many people’s sour lives with its majestic sugar cathedrals. But the person most in need of sweetening is Caterina herself, who feels lonely, even though her emotional life is as ‘crowded as a sandy beach in August’. Giancarlo, her boyfriend, is a police inspector who hardly sets her heart on fire; her female friends seldom remember her, and her brother Vittorio has a remarkable talent for getting himself, and her, into trouble. Then one day Caterina finds, in the storeroom behind the shop, a radio, ‘a 1970s model, an orange cube with an aerial’. The first miracle is that it still works after all these years. The second is that the voice that comes out of it speaks to her in person – and says things that gradually win her over, throwing her life into turmoil.

Marco Presta tells us, in his own inimitable way, in a style which is at the same time comic, literary and highly controlled, the story of a young woman who literally finds love in the air. And page after page he will cast his spell over any reader who has any emotional imagination.

Marco Presta is a leading Italian author and radio presenter. In partnership with Antonello Dose he has enlivened mornings for many years on Radio 2 with the show ‘Il ruggito del coniglio’ (The Rabbit’s Roar). He has published the short story collection Il paradosso terrestre (Aliberti Editore 2009, Einaudi 2012) and, with Einaudi, the novels Un calcio in bocca fa miracoli (2011), Il piantagrane (2012) and L’allegria degli angoli (2014).