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Surgeon of the Soul (Chirurgien de l’ame)



Original Language: French | 180 pp. | September 2012

Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Icelandic, and English (USA & Canada) Rights.



SURGEON OF THE SOUL. Confessions Of A Man In Search Of Coherence

Print run: 20,000 copies.

In 2009, aged 36, the author fell victim to facial paralysis while he was touring the world to give lectures on the meaning of illness. But is anyone ever simply a victim? This book helps us to reflect on the possibility of taking control of our destiny by making choices that aren’t always easy.

Thierry Janssen has a brilliant career ahead of him, and was recently appointed Head of the Urology Department of the largest hospital in Brussels. He resigns immediately, just like Rachel Naomi Remen once did, as deep down inside he feels that his life has been ruled more by the fear and desire to live up to the desires of others than by his true personality. Isn’t this what we all wonder about?
By training himself first in different psychotherapeutic approaches, and then initiating himself to healers’ techniques, he manages to establish a bridge between many practices, traditions and cultures and becomes what he calls a “surgeon of the soul.”

Looking back on his story, Thierry Janssen shows us in an exemplary way how vital and exciting it is to have the thread of your true life and your own consistency in your hands, however difficult it might be sometimes. Because when we gradually let go of our fears, when we make peace with ourselves, life can become magical, full of surprising encounters and chance—which never truly happen by complete surprise nor chance.

Selling points:
• a memoir that shows that the path to the inner self is possible
• a personal and spiritual reflection that comes with a more practical advisory section
• a book that serves as a talisman, which will accompany its readers in their own quest.