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Summits of my Life. Dreams and challenges in the mountains (Summits of my life. Somnis i reptes de la muntanya)



Original Language: Spanish | 208 pp. | October 2017

2 Seas Represents: Dutch and English North American rights.

Rights sold: France (Arthaud, in a pre-empt), Norway (Fri Flyt), Italy (Corbaccio), Poland (Sine Qua Non), USA (Velo Press, WEL)

English sample available

Institut Ramon Llull’s translation grant available if translating from Catalan


For many, skyrunning sounds hellish; but for Jornet and others like him, there is beauty in motion. – The New York Times

The ‘extraterrestrial’ Kilian Jornet climbed Everest in twenty-six hours, without oxygen. – Le Monde

Kilian Jornet, 29, is widely considered the world’s best ultra-distance and mountain runner. – The Guardian

Kilian Jornet’s feats are redefining the sports of climbing, skiing and ‘ultra’ running. – Financial Times

Kilian Jornet has reached the peak of Everest again, less than one week later. – El País

I am a person that loves mountains. I can go with skis when there’s snow, and I can go running when it’s summer. Doing all this stuff—it’s the possibility to live in the mountains and to live my passion. It doesn’t really matter if I win or whether I finish last. It’s important maybe for me, but it really doesn’t matter. – The National Geographic (Kilian Jornet, People’s Choice Adventurer of the Year 2014).

The book of a sporting and personal achievement

We often hear news of athletes whose sporting achievements will go down in the history books. There are few sports personalities, however, whose values and personality become a source of inspiration for many others, regardless of whether they practice the same sport that the person in question has dedicated his or her life to. Kilian Jornet undoubtedly belongs to this class of sportsman.

The crowning of the last of the peaks that formed part of the sporting and life challenge Summits of My Life is not only a landmark achievement in the history of mountain sports, but has also triggered a wave of popular support and admiration for the protagonist of this feat, Kilian Jornet. The essential key of Summits are: teamwork, a drive to do better and the human values that have helped Kilian Jornet to be what he is.

Once at the very top of the world, and before embarking on new challenges, it is worth looking back at the ground already covered to ensure that it is not forgotten, to remember where one started from, the heights one has reached and how this process of constant improvement has been achieved. Here are personal writings by Kilian Jornet that talk about his moments of tension and his successes, with dizzying anecdotes and stories and the visual accompaniment of over 150 colour photographs and explanatory diagrams that help readers to understand the scale of the achievement that this sporting and personal challenge represents.

Each of the peaks in Summits of My Life has a private significance. Sometimes, reaching the peak represents a marvel of sporting technique, but they all stand out for the victory of human values such as friendship, respect for nature, ambition and humility and solidarity, drive… A series of values have enabled Kilian Jornet to make these challenges possible.

Each chapter includes a diagram and a historical and technical analysis of each summit, helping us to fully appreciate Kilian Jornet’s achievements. Then, in a perfect combination of image and text, Jornet reviews the adventure of each of the seven challenges that form part of the Summits of My Life, making this book a unique record of one of the most important sporting achievements of recent years, and a detailed portrait of someone who is already recognised as one of the most popular mountaineers of all time.

There is no secret: The feats achieved by Kilian would have been a great deal harder without the support of his companions and his team. Who they are, what they think and what they mean to the Summits of My Life and to Kilian Jornet. Stories, personal details and plenty of humour guaranteed!

After conquering the world’s highest peak twice, taking only twenty-four hours each time, without oxygen, unaccompanied and with no communications with his team, the Summits of My Life project has finally concluded. Kilian Jornet makes an assessment of his experiences, the emotions shared and the vital learning experience of this remarkable five-year adventure.


English (Velo Press)