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Suicide (Suicidas)



Original Language: Brazilian Portuguese | 488 pp. | 2012 + 2017

2 Seas Represents: World English, Dutch and Nordic Rights.

Rights sold: RT Features

Depending on the publisher and the quality of the translation, translations from the Brazilian Portuguese can be funded by the Brazilian Ministry of Culture. Click here for more information.

English sample chapters available.


A gripping plot: suicidal teenagers, grieving mothers involved in an investigation both criminal and emotional, sustained suspense, and an unpredictable ending.

Suicides is a surprise package… the narrative makes one picture the story as a film. — Portal R7

A boy invades noir territory. – O Estado de São Paulo

Raphael authoritatively serves up a complete meal for fans of crime fiction. – Correio Braziliense

Suicides displays the energy of a new author who already knows quite well what he is doing. A huge book, in every sense. — Santiago Nazarian, writer

A cellar, nine youths, and a Magnum 608. What could have caused nine elite Rio de Janeiro university students – seemingly without problems – to play Russian roulette?

A year after the tragedy, which ended violently and mysteriously, a clue, kept secret till then by the police, casts new light on the case. At the behest of police inspector Diana Guimarães, the mothers of the young people are brought together in an effort to understand what really happened and the motives that led to suicide.

Reading notes made by one of the suicides during the fatal incident, the women are swept into the whirlwind of the acts that culminated in the death of their children. In the increasingly charged atmosphere of the meeting, the false piety of social masks is stripped away and a greater truth begins to emerge.