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Stromboli (Estrómboli)



Original Language: Spanish | 272 pp. | February 2016

2 Seas Represents: Dutch and English (North America) Rights


Jon Bilbao exhibits a rare mastery. – Babelia

Jon Bilbao is one of the new wave of writers who I consider the most gifted. He commands a world that he has managed to make his own, where attention to detail is the priority. – ABC

Jon Bilbao has established himself as one of the few Spanish story tellers who combine quality and commercial appeal. – Qué Leer

A gang of bikers harass a couple travelling around the United States, a man is forced to eat a live tarantula on television to solve his family’s financial problems, two amateur gold seekers suffer a terrible accident in the mountains that tests their friendship, the death of two homeless people and the discovery of some mysterious ruins disturb wedding celebrations, a married man and his lover travel to the island Stromboli to help someone important to them both…The eight stories that make up this volume raise questions such as where are the limits of family obligation? How far will we go to achieve what we want? To what extent do the sacrifices made change these goals? Could what appears to be the end of a relationship between two people actually be the beginning of another more powerful but completely different relationship?

Jon Bilbao, one of the most interesting and award-winning contemporary Spanish storytellers, once again demonstrates in Stromboli his extraordinary capacity to reveal the often disturbing or unsettling elements that are hidden beneath the most mundane of stories.