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Still the Same Man (Padres, hijos y primates)



Original Language: Spanish | 176 pp. | 2011

2 Seas Represents: Dutch and English (North America) Rights.

Full English translation available


There are two elements here which are treated in a masterly way: suspense and a sinister atmosphere. Both of them are perfectly put together in the plot and intertwined, in a way that their conjunction is the most magnetizing part of the text. (…) Everyday life is perverted and converted into a sinister fact that will make the reader feel unquiet and  unsettled, a suspense mood worthy of the great authors from the XIX century. (…) The strength of this novel, that is moreover wonderfully written, with no artifice nor exaggerated decorations, lies in his extremely agile rhythm and in its unforgettable ending. —Culturamas

Submerging into Jon Bilbao’s prose gives respect. Abyssal and brave, he navigates far away from all the others of  his generation. He is aiming not to repeat himself and does not want to settle into a comfortable narrative scheme or into the same issue every time; and he achieves it. —Ricard Ruiz, El periódico

Jon Bilbao’s wonderful literary career brilliantly reaffirms itself with this book, a perfect example of the unwritten laws of writing a novella. A close and complete work, intriguing and exciting. Nothing is in excess and nothing is missing. —Lluís Satorras, El País, Babelia

“Further on he would ask himself thousands of time why he did it, why he let the stranger in…”

Life has not been as Joanes expected. When he was studying Engineering everybody was wishing him a brilliant future, but this has not come true. His company is about to go bankrupt. But things could change thanks to an important agreement.

Under these circumstances, with the deal about to be closed, the last thing Joanes wants is to travel to Mexico to assist with his father-in-law’s wedding. Once in Rivera Maya, a hurricane alert forces them to leave the hotel and go inland to be safe.

During the journey Joanes comes across one of his former professors from university, who is also fleeing from the hurricane. The professor, a renowned mathematician, is dangerous and manipulative who invites one to mistrust anything he says or does. Joanes is convinced that he is the responsible for the failure of his career. And now, held in a guest house because of the hurricane, he will have the opportunity to settle accounts with him. He will be able to verify if his suspicions are true or just a sophisticated fantasy, even though for this he will need more than words…