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Sorry, You’re Not My Type (Spiacente, non sei il mio tipo)



Original Language: Italian | 240 pp. | March 2019

2 Seas represents: Dutch rights.

Rights sold: Serbia (Vulkan, at auction)


Sara and Teo could not be more different. She works as a researcher at the university; he is a rich kid, who will one day inherit a television production company. She is short, curvy and inconspicuous; he is the classic swaggering playboy. They have nothing in common except, apparently, an undisputed dislike for weddings. And it happens to be during the wedding of her sister and his best friend that they first meet and find one another unbearable. Their mutual and openly acknowledged incompatibility does not prevent them from bickering that turns, partly as a challenge and partly for fun, into something more… But neither of them reads anything into it: they are perfectly aware that they can’t stand each other and they will never meet again. But fate has other plans. After Teo has spent too long frittering away money without accomplishing anything, his father forces him to go back to university. If he refuses, he can kiss goodbye to his job in the family business. And luck would have it that one of his teachers is the same unbearable girl he met months before at that wedding…

Romantic, brilliant and surprising, with a structure alternating between the points of view of the two protagonists, who also reveal their most unconfessable thoughts. Spiacente, non sei il mio tipo is a seductive romantic comedy, set in breathtakingly beautiful Naples. A sunny novel that grows, little by little, through a fun and unusual courtship, into a gripping love story.

Anna Zarlenga (Naples,1979). She graduated in Modern Literature. A full-time teacher and mother, and a blogger and reader for pleasure, she started to experiment with writing as a bit of fun. And she hasn’t stopped since.