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Somewhere Between Good and Evil (Quelque part entre le bien et le mal)



Original Language: French | 352 pp. | January 2018

2 Seas Represents: World Excl. French


“Christophe Molmy has always dreamed of a life: his own … Robberies, hostage-situations, frenzied … interfere in his daily – inevitably novelistic – life.” — Libération

“Taking on the writing role, [the BRI chief, Christophe Molmy] leaves behind the necessary rigidity of his career to form a plot, tie its threads, craft a rhythm, and flesh out the psychology of his characters. And we’re surprised. By the efficiency of his writing and storytelling, by the atmosphere and story that keeps us in suspense, but does not rush through, enthralling the readers with scenes of an accomplished sensuality. Modern writing, where two different investigations eventually come to a head, each with quick resourcefulness.” — Le Figaro

“There’s an energy, strength, and the slightest bit of fatalism in this crime thriller that allows no compromise. An impressive page-turner and a majestic plunge, at the same time, down the streets of Paris.” — Les Echos

Somewhere Between Good and Evil offers us a very realistic dive into the police world, especially with the vocabulary he used, reflecting his own police life.” — RTL

A story that feels true-to-life, without any frills or sleight of hand. You’ll feel like you’re following the plot directly with a camera at your shoulder. — Caroline Michel, L’OBS

A masterfully realistic crime novel. The eagerly awaited second book by the French Police Divisional Commissioner, Christophe Molmy, is a triumph.

Somewhere between good and evil, there are criminals, police and victims. Somewhere between good and evil, crime gets adrenaline pumping just as hard as the raids. The bond between criminals runs as deep as the comradeship between police. On both sides, there is pain and there is joy.

Phillip, a judicial police chief, working on a ransom case; The Schmitt brothers, Montreuil gypsies, ready to do anything for some fresh cash and smiles on the faces of the clan’s younger members; Coline, a young police officer on a serial killer case that will force her out of the shadows…

But above all, a murderer who can’t take it any more.

Caught off guard once again by the black dog he had for so long managed to keep under close control. Now the black dog has him by the throat, gnawing on his liver until it gets what it wants: a bit more blood, one more murder. Because the black dog is our deepest, darkest urges. The ones we can do nothing to fight. All these characters share a common destiny. They will all be held up to truth and justice. Forgiveness and hell.

Christophe Molmy is the head of the Paris Research and Intervention Brigade (BRI), a.k.a. the Anti-Gang and Counter-Terrorism Brigade, a unit of the French National Police. His first novel, Wounded Wolves (Les Loups blessés, Editions de La Martinière, 2015), was selected for four literary awards (the Prix Landerneau, Prix du meilleur polar des lecteurs de Points, Prix du polar de Cognac and the Prix du Goéland Masqué).