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Something Will Happen, You’ll See



Original Language: Greek | 255pp. | 2010

2 Seas Represents: Dutch Rights.

Rights Sold: Italy (Editori Riuniti), USA/World English (Archipelago), Germany (C.H. Beck), Spain (Valparaiso), France (Quidam), Croatia (VBZ).

Full English, French, Italian and German translations available.


“These stories add up to a panorama of the human spirit under siege and a searing indictment of the failures to reform the Greek infrastructure.” – Publishers Weekly

“..a poignant collection of short stories that explore the soul of Greece … Raw and touching.” — The Culture Trip

“In much the way John Steinbeck laid open the migrant worker culture of mid-century California, Ikonomou exposes us to the realities of Greek poverty, the bitter taste of politics, and the generational divide. These stories are pitch-perfect, with sullen anger, wit, sharp humor, and tragicomedy captured in sharply crafted scenes that linger in the memory.” – Los Angeles Review of Books 

“Ikonomou makes you look where you would rather not — at the dispirited and desperate, the poor and the mentally unstable, the lonely and the forgotten — but through the power of his writing, you cannot look away. There is a moral imperative to these stories that extends beyond the headlines of the financial crisis and makes its pain palpable. One does not need to know all the facts and figures to feel the effects.” – Washington Independent Review of Books

“Something Will Happen is a heartbreaking and essential portrait of Greece’s modern despair, and while there are hopeful moments scattered throughout, the ones that ring truest are apocalyptic.” – The Paris Review

“Ikonomou is an author of substance as much as style, and Something Will Happen, You’ll See is a stunning, if somewhat bleak, sketch of a country in flux.” – World Literature Today

“Most rewarding of all, these are stories of the resilience of the human spirit, and they capture that elusive but crucial aspect in the human condition: hope.” – Asymptote Journal

“Something Will Happen, You’ll See holds the pause that comes before the question, or even before our ability to articulate the question. I keep returning to the space of the taverna or ouzeria, the culture of the European coffeehouse, as a model for how we might engage with questions or speak to one another.” – 3:AM Magazine

“Reading this book makes you read into yourself.” – ZYZZYVA Literary Magazine

“One of the great contemporary novelists.” — Lignes de vie

“These haunting narratives and their conversational titles have the poignancy to sink into a reader’s memory and life. Like Jose Saramago, Ikonoumou wields a catholic willingness for allegory.” – The Rumpus

“Intimate portrait of a nation in crisis … between enchantment and hope. – Le Matricule des Anges

“A strong sense of synthesis and an amazing radicalism about the subject, suggest that we are dealing with an important author. ” – En attendant Nadeau

“[Ikonomou’s] characters might feel like they are suffering private tragedies, but SOMETHING WILL HAPPEN repeatedly calls our attention to the subtle human connections that remain. . . . Karen Emmerich deserves special praise for her translation of Ikonomou’s charming, vernacular, and energetic prose.” -Bookforum

“The Greek Faulkner … one of the most touching chronicles of the economic crisis to have come out of Greece.” La Republica

“A gripping collection of short stories.” The Nation

The most reviewed Greek book of 2010 and the recipient of the prestigious Best Short-Story Collection State Award, Christos Ikonomou’s bestseller, Something Will Happen You’ll See, is a wrenching yet optimistic elegy to Greece’s working classes.

Ikonomou takes us to the heart of the western suburbs of the port of Pireaus and builds sixteen luminous stories around characters such as pensioners, protesters, labourers and the unemployed among others.

Ikonomou’s greatest strength lies in his ability to convey silences, to interpret gestures and the unseen, and translate them into images so real and haunting that they stay with the reader forever.

Praise for Something Will Happen You’ll See:
“There’s no arrogance in this book. This sensitive chronicler allows the reader to feel his characters’ existential anxiety from the very first line.”Spiegel Online, 2013

“In Ikonomou’s concrete streets, the rain is always looming, the politicians’ slogans are ignored, and the police remain a violent, threatening presence offstage. Yet even at the edge of destitution, his men and women act for themselves, trying to preserve what little solidarity remains in a deeply atomized society, and in one way or another finding their own voice. There is faith here, deep faith—though little or none in those who habitually ask for it.” Mark Mazower, The Nation, 2013

“The Decameron of the crisis.”Left Magazine, Italy, 2012

“Ikonomou redefines the value of the Greek epic.”Panorama Magazine, Italy, 2012