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The Unfulfilled Romance of Sofia Stern (O romance inacabado de Sofia Stern)



Original Language: Portuguese | 256 pp. | June 2016

2 Seas Represents: Dutch, World English and Nordic Rights.

Rights sold: Italy (Guintina), France (Métailié), Portugal (Porto). Under option: The Netherlands.

English sample available.


At 90, Sofia Stern lives in Rio de Janeiro and suffers from dementia. To help her memory, her grandson gathers all documents and notes that she wrote along her life recording her youth in Nazi Germany. Together, grandmother and grandson write her biography in the 1930’s. Sofia was Jewish, but not religious or Zionist. She loved Germany and felt herself perfectly German. Rejected by friends and neighbours, she dived into Hamburg’s underworld and became part of a youth that challenged Hitler dancing jazz and preaching liberty. A beautiful story. However, incoherencies pop up along the narrative, and grandson decides to travel to Germany in search for truth. There, he gets to know Sofia’s great love, and the man belies the stories that she always told to relatives in Brazil.

Who is telling the truth? Is there one truth? Even after a life in common, is it really possible to say that you know someone? The grandson looks for difficult answers. Can he condemn his grandmother? Did she have much choice?