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Silence and creaks. Solitude triptych (El silencio y los crujidos. Tríptico de la soledad)



Original Language: Spanish | 240 pp. | February 2018

2 Seas Represents: Dutch and English (North America) Rights


After his successful Estrómboli, the collection of short stories that established Jon Bilbao as one of the today’s best Spanish storyteller, the author is back to tackle the short narrative genre in a new tour de force with characters on the edge facing themselves.

A medieval hermit, misanthrope and fussy, decides to spend his existence on a column from which he sees another older hermit, probably wiser and with more followers, triggering in his heart unsuspected passions.

A solitude-lover biologist, facing with what promises to be the discovery of his life, sees himself confined in a self-imposed isolation on a table-top mountain, in the middle of the Amazon rainforest, with the sole company of an anaconda that will become his angel and his devil at the same time.

A mysterious inventor from the Basque Country, after becoming a multimillionaire with a computer app that subverted human sexuality, chooses to isolate himself in a tower in the center of a Balearic island. His decision will unleash a wave of violence that will change the lives of the people he loves forever.

Intense and brutal, extreme and charming, Jon Bilbao’s prose manages to put his characters on the edge of their abysms through some tragic decisions.

Praise for previous titles:

Jon Bilbao confirms an extraordinary talent. – Babelia

Jon Bilbao is one of the most talented writers of the new batch. (…) He rules a part of the world he managed to make his where the attention to detail is fundamental. – ABC

Absolutely excellent. – El Confidencial