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Self-Confidence: A Philosophy (La confiance en soi, une philosophie)



Original Language: French | 220 pp. | March 2018

2 Seas Represents: World Excl. French.

Under option: Germany, Italy, Romania, Brazil, Greece, Portugal, Korea, Spain, Catalan, Poland, Egypt, the Netherlands.


An accessible essay on the mechanisms of self-confidence, in the same vein as his best-seller The Virtues of Failure, translated in 12 languages. 

One is not born with self-confidence, nor does one acquire it with sheer determination. It is the result of an alchemy, the surprising synthesis of three distinct forces.

A force of competence (trust in one’s know-how), a relational force (trust in others) and a mystical force (trust in life).

Only a true philosophy of self-confidence therefore allows to unravel its mystery, and to conquer the trust we lack.

In the tradition of The Virtues of Failure, Charles Pépin delivers an accessible essay on the mechanics and secrets of self-confidence.

Charles Pépin is a writer and a philosopher, whose books have been published in about 20 languages. He teaches philosophy at the Lycée d’Etat de la légion d’honneur in Saint-Denis, near Paris, and hosts “Philo Mondays” at the MK2 Odéon movie theater in Paris. His most recent essay, The Virtues of Failure (Allary Editions, September 2016), sold close to 60,000 copies and was sold to 12 countries.