It Seemed Quieter Than It Used To Be

Author: Kelder, Eva

Publication Date:

April 2014



Original language and publisher

Dutch | Meulenhoff

Territories Handled

Worldwide excl. Dutch


Literary Fiction

It Seemed Quieter Than It Used To Be

Author: Kelder, Eva

  • 2 Seas Represents: World Translation Rights.


“With It seemed quieter than it was, Eva Kelder put herself on the map as a literary talent. She offers tremendous insight into human behavior and thought processes.” — Opzij

“An accurate and poignant image of a woman who gets tangled up in herself because of her past. Beautiful.” — Margriet

“A beautiful debut about how you can go on feeling like a little girl as your world gets bigger.” — Marie Claire

“Clear and in your face. Hits the nail on the head. A debut author who can really write!” — Zin

Seije is raised by her single mother Fenna on the small North Sea island of Vlieland. She feels like an outsider, and only her best friend and almost-brother Teun seems to get to her and understand her. They wander through the dunes for hours; salty air in their lungs, barefoot in the sand, and later the rush of having just a little too much to drink and parties until dawn. Meanwhile, Fenna seems to forget to educate her daughter.

After a traumatic event, Seije seizes the opportunity to leave the island and go to college in Edinburgh. Her growing ambition and a new love take her even further from the island, to New York. Will she be able to shake off her fears, her insecurities, and that nagging feeling that she never does well now that her world is bigger? How tight can the bow be before it snaps?

As sensitive as it is powerful, It Seemed Quieter than it Used to be is a debut novel about love and friendship, about letting go, leaving and returning. About why growing up on an island can seem both liberating and suffocating, both secure and unsafe.

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