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I See You (Ik Zie Je)



Original Language: Dutch | 288 pp. | May 2016

2 Seas Represents: World Excl. Dutch.


A high-speed novel, full of beautiful sentences and phrases and very realistic dialogues. – VERONICA MAGAZINE

A brilliant novel, with a very surprising denouement in which Kleyn proves that love is always unlimited. – HEBBAN

Matthijs Kleyn does not only perfectly describe the two characters as two realistic and plausible autonomous individuals, but also the unique love between them. The clashes, conversations and intimate moments are very convincing because of the intense and affecting dialogues, in which the fears and insecurities are beautifully described. That’s what you need to change reading a book into an unforgettable reading experience.**** – THRILLZONE

Fender is a nostalgic guy in his early 30s who runs a video rental store against his better judgment. When he meets Lisa, he finally feels alive again for the first time since breaking up with his ex-girlfriend. Lisa is beautiful but elusive and mysterious; their love is pure but intense. His life consists mainly of watching movies and searching for proof that Elvis is still alive, while Lisa wants to get all she can out of life and does so with friends, music and drugs.

How strong can love be when the other is constantly trying to run away? Matthijs Kleyn overwhelms with this passionate novel about running away, forgetting and remembering.