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Second Nature (La mirada de los peces)



Original Language: Spanish | 224 pp. | September 2017

2 Seas Represents: Dutch and English rights (USA & Canada).


In 2016, Sergio del Molino wasn’t surprised when his Philosophy teacher from secondary school, the activist Antonio Aramayona, told him he was going to commit suicide. La mirada de los peces begins as a book about this charismatic teacher, staunch defender of state education, secularism and the right to a dignified death. The narrative soon turns into a dialogue with the past and the memory of its author, who remembers an adolescence full of rage, noise and violence in the poor neighbourhood of Zaragoza, from which he always planned to escape.

In this dialogue “between the past and the present, written in a first person, into which many readers can insert their own voice”, Sergio del Molino explores the guilt that comes from abandoning those who teach us to look at the world, the first betrayals and disappointments in life and the the ever-grey areas between rebellion and complicity with the abject. He always returns to the figure of the teacher “coherent to the implausible” who activated the drive of a group of young people looking to understand their own nature.

Following the unprecedented success of La España vacía, Sergio del Molino returns with an intimate novel which looks at the past from the resigned lucidity of the present, addressing an entire country and a whole generation.