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Save Me



Original Language: French | 352 pages | April 2005

2 Seas Represents: Dutch Rights.
Rights Sold: Brazilian Portuguese (Nova Fronteira), Chinese Complex (Crown), Chinese Simplified (Shanghai 99), German (Random House), Italian (Sonzogno), Japanese (Shogakukan), Korean (Balgungesang), Poland (Albatros), Portugal (Bertrand), Romania (Rao), Russia (Geleos), Thai (Amarin), Turkish (Salyangoz), Vietnamese (Nha Nam).

Film rights in negotiation.

1.47 million copies sold in France.


The hardest part isn’t finding love, it’s learning how to hold on to it.

For his second novel, Guillaume Musso started with a very simple thought: We often think that we have time to tell others that we love them. But what do you do when nothing has been said and your beloved one disappears? Have you lost your only chance?

On a winter’s evening, in the heart of the Broadway theater district, Juliette, a pretty 28-year old French woman, meets Sam, a young pediatrician from New York. Scared of being a disappointment, she hides the fact that she works odd jobs while dreaming of becoming an actress. Scared of commitment, he pretends to be married, even though his wife just died. Despite these lies, they fall in love over an intense, magical, unforgettable weekend. But Juliette must return to Paris, and Sam can’t find the words that will convince her to stay by his side. As soon as the young woman’s flight takes off, it explodes in mid-air. But their story is far from over.