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Save Me (Sauvez-moi)



Original Language: French | 320 pp. | June 2018

2 Seas Represents: World Excl. French

Under option: Russia

Over 10,000 copies sold


Jacques Expert is back and stronger than ever with Save me, an investigation that has you hooked from the first page.  Sandrine Bajos, The Parisian

An exciting and surprising mystery from start to finish.   7 Jours 

Nicolas Thomas has just celebrated his fifty-second birthday when he goes out through the doors of the Clairvaux power station. After thirty years of incarceration, he is finally free.

Nobody is waiting for him. Everyone he knew abandoned him a long time ago, ever since he was convicted of savagely murdering four young women, in terrible conditions.

Sophie Pontchartrain is divisional commissioner in Paris. She was a young recruit to the criminal division when Nicolas confessed his crimes to her, and to her alone, before suddenly retracting his statement. When he proclaimed his innocence, he was sentenced to life.
The case does not take long to catch up on Sophie. A few days after his release, Nicolas disappears. And a new murder is committed, in all respects similar to those of which he was accused thirty years earlier.

Sophie then receives a letter from Nicolas, in which he denies being responsible for the murders. The letter ends with the words: “Save me!”

After the success of Hortense (over 65,000 copies sold in France), Jacques Expert returns at his best:

  • A plot with striking twists that keeps you hooked to the last page.
  • Characters of a terrifying reality, including a face-to-face meeting between two totally opposed women who have a destructive relationship.

After having been an investigative reporter, Jacques Expert is now director of RTL programs and author of the series Histoires criminelles on France Info. Save Me is his fifth novel to be published by Sonatine Éditions.