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Salam Europe! (Salam Europa!)



Original Language: Dutch | 424 pp. | October 2016

2 Seas Represents: World Excl. Dutch.

Under option: Bosnia, Spanish in Latin America.

Rights sold: Bulgaria (Panorama), Italy (Iperborea).

Over 30,000 copies sold


Western Europe at the end of the 19th century. For the first time in history a Shah of Persia travels through Europe in one of the Old Continent’s most fascinating times. He travels by train and boat and in his wake is an awesome procession of feuding family members, jealous courtiers, servants and messengers.

The Shah wonders what awaits him in Russia, Germany, England and France? And, especially, in Brussels and Amsterdam, two capitals in which, at first sight, the Shah has no interest. Salam Europe! is a previously untold story about Europe as seen through the eyes of a curious monarch who goes places where no historian has gone before. At the same time, the story is told directly through the eyes of Kader Abdolah who himself makes the journey from Iran some 150 years later.

Salam Europe!, the major new novel from Kader Abdolah, is a story about curiosity and interest in others. It is a startling novel about the beauty and meaning of looking beyond borders, in which reality and imagination intermingle so that the reader can no longer distinguish the pages of fiction from those that are not. But Salam Europe! is also a story about the present. Kader Abdolah marvelously and uniquely weaves his story with those of the current concerns in Europe: the arrival of millions of immigrants, the attacks in Paris and the events in Germany and the Netherlands. It is a highly relevant novel.

Praise for Abdolah’s previous novel The Parrot Flew Over the IJssel:

A thick, exciting and touching book about immigrants and local troubles in Holland. – NRC handelsblad

A wonderful book to read. A book that makes you think. – Nederlands Dagblad

A gorgeous novel. Everyone must read this book. Zin

In his new novel Abdolah mixes personal and national events to create a whole fairytale. – Trouw


Praise for Abdolah’s previous novel The King:

A strong and colourful story illuminating the complex forces that have shaped contemporary Iran. – Metro

Glorious! – The Time

Set in the last half of the 19th century, The King is a biography of brutality and ambition; all of its characters strive to shape their own lives as well as the destiny of their evolving nation. – New York Times

Told in a simple yet gripping style based on the great epic history of early Persia, the ‘Shahnameh’ written by Firdawsi about a thousand years ago. It proves a very effective model for this dramatic tale of a later ruler and his heroic, if often brutal, battles. As in the ‘Shahnameh’, lyrical passages celebrating Persia break up the harsh history. – Independent