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Romanticism (Le Romantisme)



Original Language: French | 384 pp. | 2007

2 Seas Represents: World Translation Rights.

Romanticism obviously marks, in the history of French literature, the most significant breaking off after that of the Renaissance. Fighting at first against classicism, it gradually imposed a new kind of literature, linked to history, but also freed from rules and characterized by the subjectivity of its authors. While he suggested a more singular work, the writer had a much higher part to play: that of a spiritual guide. Romanticism lived throughout most of the 19th century and gone through several stages but, within the frame of this short book, it seemed more efficient to put forward as overview of the revolution that Romanticism represented in the field of forms and aesthetics, thought and religion, politics and history, and of course language. This book describes a kind of a synthesis where the desire to express the essential does not harm the concern about preserving nuances.