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Rolling Stock (Material Rodante)



Original Language: Spanish | 113 pp. | May 2015

2 Seas Represents: The Netherlands


“The narrative continues to expand all the way to the end like a journey without an end. […] Its reflections appear to be light but in fact are very refined, creating a narrative space that allows the reader to appreciate the surprises that routine brings.”  Francisco Solano, Babelia, El Pais

“Highly exceptional […] I can only hope that Maier continues to devote himself to writing.” Begoña Gómez Urzaiz, Cultura/s, La Vanguardia

What happens during our down times? Life, says the narrator of this remarkable book. During his constant travelling to and from work between Belgium and Holland, the Chilean protagonist lives minor adventures that defy monotonous routine. He discovers the history of an ancient sacred tree brought all the way from southern Chile to be used as decoration in Europe, ponders the importance of rabbits in the Dutch landscape, doesn’t hesitate to make an enthusiastic and hilarious apology in pyjamas and even meditates on how to say goodbye in emails. Ironic, fragmentary and digressive, Material rodante explores the reflections of a man with his head in the clouds who crosses the border time and again with the nonchalance of someone going to the corner shop to buy bread.

Praise for Leyendo a Vila-Matas:

“There is a tremendous freedom in this wonderfully unusual book by Gonzalo Maier.” Alejandro Zambra

“He considers the temptation offered by escaping and reinventing one’s identity, playfully exploring life’s events and personal stories as they intertwine and unravel. And he does it very well.” Rodrigo Pinto

“Laughing can also be something serious. About this, Gonzalo Maier is clear.” Diego Zúñiga