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Rising (Opstaan)



Original Language: Dutch | 330 pp. | June 2017

2 Seas Represents: World Excl. Dutch.

Over 22,000 copies sold in both Falling and Rising


First book in the series: FALLING

A broken heart is not the end of the world…

Anne Miller’s heart is broken. After a breath-taking and very turbulent year with the love of her life, famous rock star Rory Maquary, their relationship is on the rocks. When Anne finally stops crying, she pulls herself together, packs her bags again and starts a new, quiet life on St. Mary’s, one of the British Isles of Scilly. She and a friend run a small restaurant there and Anne desperately tries to forget Rory and his lovely little boy.

The last thing Rory wants is to forget Anne. He still doesn’t understand why she left him so suddenly, and he just wants to find her and make everything right again. But Anne refuses all contact and did an excellent job of vanish- ing, so together with his now six-year-old son, Rory desperately tries to make the best of it.

But when he meets flamboyant tv-chef Woz, the two quickly become good friends. Woz invites Rory to come and visit him at his new job in a small restaurant run by two women on St. Mary’s—a visit with immense consequences…