Red Cashmere

Original title: Cachemire rouge

Author: Moreau, Christiana

Publication Date:

May 2019



Original language and publisher

Territories Handled

Worldwide excl. French


Commercial Fiction

Red Cashmere

Original title: Cachemire rouge

Author: Moreau, Christiana

  • 2 Seas Represents: World Excl. French
  • Rights sold: Spain (Grijalbo, in a pre-empt), Italy (Nord, in a pre-empt)
  • Over 6,000 copies sold


A sublime book by an author you must remember. Beautifully written, full of sensitivity. — Radio Dunes

Alternating fiction and documentary, the author manages to give an authentic dimension to this story that addresses many current dramas such as the victims of modern slavery. This red does not blind, it opens your eyes. — L’Alsace

Immediately, Christiana Moreau immerses us in the heart of Mongolia. And suddenly comes the mad desire to go there. — La Libre Belgique

A beautiful novel, full of humanity and delicacy, on which blows a real epic wind: an ode to freedom, choice, courage – that of leaving everything, the known, to go to a life that we hope better. — Cultur’elle

In the steppes of Mongolia, surrounded by her parents and brothers, Bolormaa leads a nomadic life and is at one with nature. But when a terribly cold winter kills off their flock of cashmere goats, the family must leave their home on the mountain and search for jobs elsewhere. Bolormaa finds a job in a cashmere production factory in the Chinese city of Ordos.

She manages to find little comfort in a new friend- ship with Xiaoli and very quickly, she is convinced to leave China in search of Italy, where there is a large Chinese community in Prato, a Tuscan city that specialises in the textile industry.

Then begins for the two young women a great trip to their Eldorado. From Asia to Europe, from the trans-Siberian railway to the bottom of a goods truck, they will face many dangers in trying to make their dreams come true. But will they succeed in building a better future?

Christiana Moreau is a self-taught artist, a painter and sculptor. She lives in Seraing, in the province of Liège, Belgium. The Lost Sonata was her debut novel.

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