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Questioneering: The New Model for Innovative Leaders in the Digital Age



Original Language: English (USA) | 250 pp. | July 2018

2 Seas Represents: World Translation rights

Rights Sold: China (Beijing Mediatime, at auction)

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“A phenomenal job of synthesizing the wisdom of experience with the reality of executives who thought they were doing the right thing but jumped to the ‘predictable’ solutions based on their own biases, agenda or tactical reality.” — Richard J. Cantwell, Affiliate at MIT

“Bradley uses simple terms and tried-and-true teaching strategies to map out how readers can become ‘Questioneers.’ He introduces his method step by step, presenting a concept and repeating, then reinforcing, it. Like any good teacher, he gives real-life examples and holds his student/readers accountable with admonishments about making decisions such as “your gut feeling is not enough.” He asks readers to do some work, thinking, listening, reevaluating the process by which they lead their organizations and their lives.” — Ravi Pendse PhD, VP & CIO, Brown University

“Bradley’s passion for innovation comes through on every page. Joseph Bradley’s passion for getting people excited about innovation comes through on every page of this book. “Questioneering” is easy to read even as it’s full of useful and applicable information and examples. This is a practical book in which Joseph Bradley explains how decision-makers can learn to ask high-value questions that lead to innovation and competitive advantage, which are practically guaranteed to be questions other than the usual ones.” — James S. Green, Managing Director, Sky D Ventures

“This book does what few other books out there actually do – it presents us with valuable solutions, gives us the tools we need, and teaches us how to use them, and offers us the capabilities needed in order to get to the relevant questions and answers only few manage to see.” — Wim Elfrink, President, WPE Ventures Digitized Solutions

“Finally! A practical guide to providing breakthrough innovation. Joseph Bradley explains innovative leadership in a way that presents change as both possible and necessary. In typical fashion, he presents information in a straightforward, conversational way, with anecdotes drawn from his own life, from real corporate experience and from the popular culture that surrounds us. His take on innovation is easy to understand and starts with a remarkably simple approach: instead of changing the answers, change the questions.” — Rick Hutley, CEO, StrataThought LLC

“If you want to achieve real innovation, Questioneering will help you do it. It is based on revising how leaders should give up an obsession with the right answers and instead think about changing the questions. Bradley positions this as responding to high-value questions, an approach that can lead to entirely new business outcomes. It starts with what Bradley calls the 3 Golden Rules, which are among the best leadership principles I have seen in a long time.” — Charles Varvaro, VP Global Technology Services, IBM

“A path for breakthrough achievement. Wise leaders who want to challenge conventional thinking will follow the guidelines that Joseph Bradley sets out in Questioneering. Bradley submits that in a world where most answers are known, value is found in knowing which questions to ask. The model that he provides gives leaders the opportunity to balance their perspective while being aware of the belief that they hold to be true, and challenging them.” — Jocelyn Boudreau, CEO Hortau

“Much more than a business book, it’s a way of thinking and living.” — Billy   Dexter, Managing Partner, Heidrick & Struggles

Questioneering turns you into the smartest person in the room.” — Navid Ali, CEO, Realty ONE Group BMC Associates

“The world needs this book on leadership.”  — Diane Primo, CEO, IntraLink Global LLC 

In a world where all the answers are known, value is created by understanding what questions to ask. The single biggest mistake leaders are making in today’s disruptive environment is executing the right answers to the wrong questions.

Questioneering introduces a decision-making model to enable leaders in the digital age to discover the high-value questions and execute the high-value answers.

In the book, author Joseph M. Bradley provides practical and usable insights to help leaders:

  • Understand the new rules of digital leadership
  • Identify blind spots using the Bradley Blind Spot Map
  • Ask high-value questions using the ASK Technique (Aim, Surprise, Kindle)
  • Learn the LIKE Process for a proper listening infrastructure and improve knowledge base
  • Implement the 1-2-3 Model of Execution to track goals
  • Apply the 3 Golden Rules of Questioneering to improve business practices

Questioneering provides a new way of approaching business problems and reaching break through innovation. The book is filled with usable models and frameworks to lead you to create high-value questions, which leads to high-value answers for your current and future business issues.

Joseph M. Bradley is currently the Global Vice President of the Digital & Internet of Things Professional Services Organization at Cisco and Senior Research Fellow for the Global Center for Digital Business Transformation at IMD. In these roles, he leads a team of multi- disciplinary experts and technologist who help CXOs and government leaders transform into digital organizations.

Joseph is known for achieving several breakthrough innovations in business and technology. He built the foundation for Cisco’s Internet of Things strategy and the Internet of Everything’s Practice by directing Cisco’s influential research that determined $19 trillion of value was associated with embracing the Internet of Everything. As CEO of C3 Communications, he conceived and brought to market one of the first cloud based IoT applications aimed at improving tenant experiences and building operations. He also designed and conceived the first scalable business model and deployment of DSL services in California as the Vice President of the Data Communications Group for AT&T (previously known as Pacific Bell).

As a world-renowned speaker, mentor, trainer and now published author, Joseph uses his Questioneering book to share insights gained from his 20+ years of corporate leadership experience. In addition to holding top executive positions with Cisco, his professional history also includes President at Uptake Technologies, Executive Vice-President at HCL Technologies, and Vice- President & General Manager of the Data Communications group at AT&T. He earned an economics degree from the University of California at Berkeley. Joseph’s innovative thought leadership, digital management expertise and engaging speaking style have made him a highly renowned and highly requested public speaker, worldwide.

Joseph has built a stellar reputation as the person to turn to when companies need to know how to create systems where people and technology don’t just coexist, but work to benefit each other. Such dynamic interaction has been his lifelong passion.

Joseph currently lives in Chicago with his wife Laurie of 25 years. They have two children, RaNelle and Joseph, two cats, Patty and Sammy and a dog named Mojo.