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Original Language: French | tbc | May 2018

2 Seas Represents: World Excl French.

English sample available


A thick blanket of snow, motionless icebergs, crepuscular light: life in Greenland seems peaceful enough. But beyond the landscapes’ virginal snow lies tension between the natives and the settlers and the threat of inherent danger. When a series of unexplained murders occurs, a Danish inspector of Inuit descent is dispatched to the scene. His name? Qaanaaq.

Qaanaaq Adriensen, an expert in criminal cases in Copenhagen, is sent to investigate a strange series of murders. But not just anywhere. On the Greenland ice sheet, a disputed territory fought over by several nations, the bodies of four workers have been found in shreds. Is is winter, when daylight never comes. Not easy to see things clearly. Especially for Qaanaaq. Having renounced his Inuit ancestry, returning to his country of origin brings back ghosts from the past.

Faced with polar bear hunting and snowstorms, Qaanaaq discovers that Greenland is anything but a white desert of calm and serenity. The isolation, harsh climate and tensions between the natives and the European ‘settlers’ reveal another side to the snow. In sharp contrast to how we imagine the land of ice.

Strong points:

  • The new addition to the ‘Martinière Noir’ collection, after the success of Ragnar Jónasson in 2016 (150,000 copies sold of his two books released in a year and a half).

Born in 1968, Mo Malø has written several books under different names. He lives in France. Qaanaaq is his first crime novel.