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Praise For Imperfect Mothers (Eloge des mères imparfaites)



Original Language: French | 272 pp. | October 2019

2 Seas represents: World excl French rights.


Finally, a book that allows us to reflect on motherhood and parenthood without giving lessons. The perfect mother does not exist.

Media, social networks, family: everything and everyone around the young parent explains how to raise their child well…. pretending to be perfectly informed and caring, of course!

After the birth of her daughter, Romina Rinaldi preferred to form her own opinion. Taking the time to delve into the scientific literature, she took the courage to take stock of the major topics that concern new parents: childbirth, nutrition, sleep, crying, and finally education.

Each family experience is unique. There is not ONE educational method. The perfect mother does not exist, cannot exist. This book, which is both very objective and very personal, will demonstrate this with both rigour and humour. It will help you to find your way, and, above all, to make you feel free from guilt…