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A Plea for the Animals. For a Kindness Towards All (Plaidoyer pour les animaux. Vers une bienveillance pour tous)



Original Language: French | 370 pp. | October 2014

2 Seas Represents: World Translation Rights.

Sold: USA (WEL, Shambhala), Germany (LangenMueller), Italy (Sperling & Kupfer), Korea (Namu’s Mind/Munhakdongne), The Netherlands (Ten Have), Spain (Kairos), Brazil (Palas Athena), Taiwan (Good Morning Press), Denmark (Gyldendal).

Over 50,000 copies sold – full English translation available!

Ricard’s previous title, A Plea for Altruism sold 130,000 copies in France! Pocket edition to be published at the same time as A Plea for Animals


Are animals mere things, here for us to exploit? Or are they rather sentient, often intelligent beings, entitled to live their own lives? Matthieu Ricard examines theological, philosophical and scientific thinking on both sides of the issue and concludes that without doubt we must recognize each animal is an individual deserving of our compassion and respect. “A Plea for the Animals” is fascinating, instructive and compelling, speaking to us on both an intellectual and emotional level. — Jane Goodall

A Plea for the Animals is a gem. Ever single page has many words of wisdom and the overall message is one of unfettered optimism. — Psychology Today

“A Plea for the Animals”’ continues and completes the wonderful work Matthieu Ricard did in his Altruism, drawing on science and philosophy to show that compassion cannot be limited to members of our own species but must be extended to all beings capable of suffering.  This is a book for everyone who is willing to consider the case for a radical change in the way we treat animals. —Peter Singer

An outstanding and well-referenced book that surely will make a difference for the billions of nonhumans who routinely suffer globally at the hands of humans, be it in slaughterhouses, laboratories, or other captive situations, or in what’s left of their natural environs. Matthieu Ricard’s heartfelt plea for us to tap into our caring and compassionate selves and to treat other animals with unbounded dignity and respect will go a long way toward inspiring people to see other animals for whom they truly are, to feel for them deeply, and to recognize how they fully depend on us to grant them the ability to be able to live their lives in peace and safety ― to survive and to thrive in an increasingly human-dominated world. — Huffington Post

In the tradition of his best-selling title A Plea for Altruism, Matthieu Ricard invites us to extend our kindness to all sentient beings. This is in the interest of animals, but also of mankind.

Each year, we kill 60 billion land animals and 1,000 billion marine animals for our consumption. This massacre, which is unequalled in the history of Humanity, poses a major ethical challenge and harms our societies: this overconsumption increases hunger in the world, provokes ecological imbalances and is bad for our health.

In addition to the question of food, we also instrumentalize animals for purely mercenary reasons (wildlife traffic), for scientific research, or simple entertainment (bullfights, circuses, zoos).

What if time had come to no longer consider animals as inferior beings, but as our “fellow citizens” on this planet?

We live in an essentially interdependent world where the fate of every being is intimately linked to that of others, no matter what or who they are. It’s not only about taking care of animals, but also of animals.

This lucid essay shares with all of us the current knowledge about animals and how we treat them. It’s an invitation to change our behaviors and attitudes.


Matthieu Ricard has been a Buddhist monk for forty years. Before that, he was a researcher in molecular biology in François Jacob’s laboratory. Internationally recognized, he lives in Nepal where he devotes himself to humanitarian projects of the Karuna-Schechen Association. He is the author of numerous bestsellers, including The Monk and the Philosopher (with his father Jean-François Revel), The Art of Meditation, A Plea for Happiness and A Plea for Altruism.


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Germany (LangenMueller), The Netherlands (Ten Have), Spain (Kairos), USA (Shambhala Publications), Denmark (Gyldendal), Brazil (Palas Athena)