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Phon (Foon)



Original Language: Dutch | 320 pp. | September 2018

2 Seas Represents: French & Portuguese Rights

English sample available

Longlisted for the Libris Literature Prize 2019

Selected for the Dutch Foundation for Literature’s ‘Ten Books’ prize

Close to 7,000 copies sold



Her natural metaphors come with animalistic power, her reflections are as clever as distinctive. Marente de Moor has a great storytelling ability. — Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Sometimes it sounds like the blare of trumpets. Sometimes like a prehistoric beast. It is something tectonic, Nadja and Lev reassure each other. Something meteorological, perhaps. But these dark noises have not always sounded in the air above their house in the Russian forests. Once the couple, both biologists, had an asylum for orphaned bear cubs, but the volunteers have stopped coming and as Lev starts losing his memory, Nadja is fighting a battle with her own recollections. Where did everyone go? What happened that year she is trying to banish from memory?

Phon tells a tale of lonely people living far from a disrupted society and how they relate to their loved ones, history and the animal world which theyr’e part of. If all certainty is lost, it is imagination that keeps them going.

Marente de Moor (b. 1972) worked as a correspondent in Saint Petersburg for a number of years and wrote a book based on her experiences, Peterburgse vertellingen (Petersburg Stories), which was published in 1999. She made a successful debut as a novelist in 2007 with De overtreder (The Transgressor); the translation, Amsterdam und zurück, was well received in Germany too. For her second novel, De Nederlandse maagd (‘The Dutch Maiden’, 2010) De Moor was awarded the AKO Literature Prize 2011 and the European Union Prize for Literature 2014. In 2013, her third novel The Roundhay, Garden Scene was shortlisted for the Libris Prize for literature.