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My Pet Serial Killer



Original Language: English (US) | 300 pp. | October 2017

2 Seas Represents: World Excl North America


Seidlinger twists the knife and unfolds a tightly controlled sense of mayhem … a riveting read of psycho-geography. — 21c MAGAZINE

Equal parts crime novel, meditation on the American thriller film aesthetic, and sly critique of intimacy and romance in the 21st century. — THE FANZINE

Seidlinger is the sickest of the fucks. — HTMLGIANT

Seidlinger has reinvented the serial killer thriller. — CHIZINE

A rowdy menagerie of the unexpected, this book will delight and disturb even the bravest of readers; all preconceptions of what to trust and what to fear are masterfully upended within these pages. — Alissa Nutting, author of Tampa

Seidlinger takes the slasher-horror movie, snuff film, found footage, webcam porn, and serial killer docudrama, cuts them all to pieces, pulls out their internal organs, reorganizes them in an ‘aesthetically pleasing arrangement,’ and shows us a story that is at once hilarious, pathetically sad, and a brilliant social critique. This is one where you’ll want to eat the offal. — Jamie Iredell, author of The Book of Freaks

Michael Seidlinger’s swift-moving novel is an interesting addition to the genre, with all kinds of offbeat touches there for the connoisseur. He reminds me, in style, of some of the Swedish crime-writers we’ve seen. The narrative moves quickly towards a satisfying payoff.  — Todd Grimson, author of Stainless

A provocative, disturbing literary thriller that reinvents the serial killer genre, exploring the psychology of desire.

Dexter meets Secretary in Seidlinger’s subversive take on the serial killer genre, in which the woman seduces and controls the serial killer. Claire studies forensic science, Victor is the Gentleman Killer. Claire seduces Victor and keeps him in her apartment as her pet, her darkest secret.

Seidlinger presents a compelling exploration of Claire’s descent into the darkest corners of desire—a woman obsessed with performance, with power, with sex, with gore.