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The Perfect Order of Things



Original Language: English (Canada) | 256 pp. | August 2013

2 Seas Represents: Dutch and French (excluding Canada) Rights.

Rights Sold: Canada (Thomas Allen), French Canada (Leméac Editeur), Germany (S. Fischer Verlage), Brazil (Geraçao).


… a masterpiece of irony, subversive humour and astonishing self-mockery…. Gilmour handles his material with style and finesse, with a delicious sense of irony and with a creative jouissance. Here is a novel that gleams with intelligence, humour and wickedly precise observation–The Globe and Mail

Like a tourist visiting his own life, David Gilmour’s narrator journeys in time to reexamine those critical moments that created him. He revisits the terrible hurt of a first love, the shock of a parent’s suicide, the trauma of a best friend’s bizarre dissembling, and the pain and humiliation of unrelenting jealousy, among other rites of passage. Set within an episodic narrative arc stories about the profound effect of Tolstoy, of the Beatles, of the cult of celebrity, of the delusion of drugs, and of the literary life on the winding road of the narrator’s progress. This compelling and deeply interesting picaresque novel is a creative tour de force from the hand of one of our master storytellers.

The Perfect Order of Things breaks new fictional ground and is an astonishing story of a life lived fully and with breathtaking passion.