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The Perfect Mother is a Mythomaniac – Book 2 (La mère parfaite est une mytho… et son mec est pire)



Original Language: French | 272 pp. | May 2016

2 Seas Represents: World Excl. French

Under option: Czech Republic

Over 15,000 copies sold


The perfect mother comes back… and dishes all about her man!

You liked feeling a little less guilty from The Perfect Mother is a Compulsive Liar? You are going to love finding out about her boyfriend’s quirks and little flaws in this latest episode of the perfect mom’s adventures.

On the menu: Virginie Duplessy’s love-struck but inflexible outlook on all the daily little annoyances. He’s lazy, he likes to party, and he can be so unrefined…the man of the perfect mother is worse than her! Page after page, he’s hauled other the coals—girls are gonna love it!

Virginie Duplessy is a mother of two and a successful author! Her book The Perfect Mother is a Mythomaniac seduced over 35,000 readers!