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Perfect Days (Dias Perfeitos)



Original Language: Brazilian Portuguese | 280 pp. | March 2014

2 Seas Represents: Dutch and Nordic Rights.

Rights sold: USA (Penguin US, pre-empt), UK (Harvill Secker), Canada French (Hurtubise Inc.), Canada English (Penguin Canada), Spain (Randomhouse Mondadori), Portugal (Objetiva), France (Editions Les Deux Terres), France-mass market (10/18 Univers Poche), The Netherlands (Cargo/De Bezige Bij, pre-empt), Germany (Blanvalet, at auction), Italy (Einaudi, at auction), Turkey (Dogan), Taiwan (Fantasy), Poland (Filia), Denmark (Gyldendal, in a pre-empt), Norway (Cappelen Damm), Czech Republic (Albatros), Korea (Hans Media)

Full English and French translations available.

Film rights sold to RT Features. Production will start in 2017

Over 30,000 copies sold. 10th edition


 It’s hard to imagine any writer topping that terrifying portrait of love gone wrong like Stephen King’s Misery, but Montes is up to the task. In any language, Perfect Days may be the most original and viscerally explicit novel you’ll read this year . . . Filled with plot twists, violence and nail-biting scenes, this tale of psychological suspense uses pitch-black humor as its release valve. Montes makes you laugh, even as he makes you feel bad about doing it. —Chicago Tribune

Montes is one of Brazil’s rising crime novelists, and he has filled ‘Perfect Days’ with suspense and jolting-plot twists. — Booklist

Not for the squeamish! — Publishers Weekly

Raphael is an author who masterfully controls tension during the narrative. In his writing, it is possible to see the influence of suspense masters such as Patricia Highsmith, Agatha Christie and Jim Thompson. Even stronger are the cinematic influences: Raphael Montes is a mixture of Alfred Hitchcock’s suspense with Quentin Tarantino’s black comedy. Not surprisingly, the book has an electrifying pace, full of shocking and macabre twists and turns. The Guardian

A road novel about kidnapping that has reviewers reaching for their thesauruses to describe how disturbing and gruesome it is—and how pleasurable. —Toronto Star

It’s a roller coaster of a novel. It terrifies and excites throughout a wild ride, one where your seatmate is the worst person ever. The Book Reporter Network

[An] odd, macabre, fast-paced, twisted, and twisty novel . . . . if you’ve ever wondered what Humbert Humbert would look like in modern times, you might want to pick up this short, dark, kind of sick, alternately propelling and repellant book. In its own creepy way, it’s kind of perfect. —Omnivoracious

A superb achievement! I was gripped from the very beginning by this, yes, perfect novel, which showcases the author’s unparalleled skills in merging literary sensibilities, psychological insight and breathtaking suspense. To top it all off, Montes brings Rio de Janeiro and Brazil to life as few authors, even the best travel writers, could do. A must read! — Jeffery Deaver

A gripping debut. Raphael Montes is a writer to watch – he will do great things! — Sophie Hannah

Raphael Montes is one of the most brilliant young novelists I’ve encountered. He is certain to redefine Brazilian crime fiction and to emerge as a figure on the world literary scene. – Scott Turow

A chilling, twisty, exposed nerve of a novel. Even creepier than Gone Girl. I loved it. — Lauren Beukes

Téo is a young medical student who divides his time between taking care of his paraplegic mother and dissecting cadavers in Anatomy classes – the moment he feels happiest. When he meets Clarice, he becomes obsessed with her and begins to stalk her. He discovers that Clarice dreams of being a scriptwriter and is writing a road movie named Perfect Days about three female friends who set out on a car trip throughout Brazil. When he tries to approach her, Teo is rebuffed and, driven to extremes, kidnaps her. Clarice is sedated an placed in the passenger seat of his car, and a journey around the country begins – the same as the characters in her script. He hopes to make her fall in love with him. Passing through settings like a chalet in Teresópolis and a deserted beach on an island near Rio de Janeiro, this dark-toned and sometimes suffocating psychological thriller explores the tension between the two characters through attitudes and dialogues that leave the reader wondering whether the attempt to seduce Clarice is really working.


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The Netherlands (Cargo/De Bezige Bij), Denmark (Gyldendal Denmmark), Norway (Cappelen Damm)