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People Like Them (Des gens comme eux)



Original Language: French | 144 pp. | January 2020

2 Seas Represents: North American, Dutch and Nordic rights


(Collection La Brune)

A scene of carnage in a mountain village when five family members are murdered by their neighbour. At the trial, his wife seeks to understand the infernal chain of events that led to her husband’s murdering spree. Strangers to the region, the Langlois settle in a remote village in a mountain valley where everybody knows each other and resembles each other. They are rich, or at least so it seems: they have an impressive chalet built opposite the modest abode of Anna et Constant, they own three flashy cars and they live in style. And Bakary Langlois is black. An ambiguous relationship develops between the two couples characterised by fascination, embarrassment, jealousy and possibly racism, all amid mutterings of fraudulent investments.

Inspired by a true story, the novel explores the claustrophobia of a small isolated community where the outsider both fascinates and disturbs on account of his social status, his skin colour and his lust for life – until the final carnage.