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Paris is beautiful, 150 reasons to say oh la la in Paris



Original Language: French | 180pp. | July 2015

2 Seas Represents: English (USA and Canada), Dutch and Nordic Rights.

Full English translation available.


‘Oh la la’: an expression employed by the French to rave or marvel at something they see. May be followed by ‘C’est beau’, ‘J’adore’, etc.

Paris is beautiful invites you to step into Parisian’s shoes and (re)discover the city through everyday monuments as a series of beautiful experiences. With a selection of beautiful places, pleasant restaurants and friendly shops you’ll end up exclaiming ‘Oh la la’ yourself.

Paris is beautiful invites you to look at Paris through rose-coloured glasses ! Baby pink or shocking pink, fuchsia or ultra, it’s up to the reader. Happiness is not just a state of mind; it’s a way of life. When you call into a boutique or an e-shop to bring home souvenirs of your visit, you are celebrating and sharing all of life’s beauty. What you’ll find here are aestheticism, enthusiasm, delicacies, joy and creativity !

A Paris City Guide to get to know the soul of Paris, along with its smiles. Discover just how warm the Parisians and their capital city really are, no matter how well they try to hide it !

Additional info:

  • For people with an interest in culture, in the “bourgeois-bohemian” Bobo style,
    potentially attracted to designer shopping, who stay in 3*/4* hotels and alternative
  • A web and paper city guide to build notoriety and develop contacts with the
    target group.
  • An e-shopping site selling souvenir items and gifts around the theme of French
    Art de Vivre.