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Only the Animals Are Left (Seules les bêtes)



Original Language: French | 224 pp. | January 2017

2 Seas Represents: Dutch, Nordic and English (North American) rights.

Rights Sold: Spain (Atico de los libros).

Winner of the Prix Landerneau 2017 and the Prix « Polar en séries ».

Selected for the Prix Libr’à nous 2018


(Le Rouergue noir)

A woman has disappeared. Her car is found at the beginning of a hiking trail which leads up to the plateau, where there is nothing but a few scattered farms inhabited by solitary men. Although the police have no leads, several individuals know that they are linked in some way to her disappearance.

Men and women, each with a personal secret, voice their thoughts. But the truth emerges only with difficulty, stifled just as the vast expanses of sky stifle life on the plateau, because the true origins of this affair lie very far from this isolated landscape.

In this novel of multiple voices, Colin Niel orchestrates a gripping narrative in a natural setting where the world only emerges through the prism of dreams.