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On The Unhappiness Of Being Greek



Original Language: Greek | 80pp. | 2014

2 Seas Represents: Dutch Rights.

Rights Sold: Italy (Castelvecchi), Germany (Kunstmann), Spain (Anagrama), France (Payot), Turkey (Istos), Bulgaria (Orange Books), UK (Zero Books, rights in the process of being reverted), Albania (Botime Pegi).

Full English, French, German, Spanish and Italian translations available.

Over 120,000 copies sold in Greece! Currently in its 32nd edition!

Over 30,000 copies sold in Germany.


If Noam Chomsky and Gore Vidal have a Greek analogue, it is Nikos Dimou, one of the most fertile minds of his generation.

First published in 1975, On The Unhappiness Of Being Greek, is a series of 193 mostly brief, often cutting and at times satirical aphorisms about Greece and Greeks. In the postscript, Dimou writes: I have tried, simply, to articulate my observations in such a way so that serious people will find them to be serious, while less serious ones will find them less serious. I am now tortured by the possibility that the exact opposite will occur.

With the recent debt crisis in Europe Nikos Dimou’s seminal work has found a new audience in Europe and has gone on to become a publishing phenomenon.

On The Unhappiness Of Being Greek is a uniquely topical book, which according to German newspaper, Die Welt, “is painfully relevant to understanding the current crisis engulfing (Greece) and the continent.”

Praise for On The Unhappiness Of Being Greek:

“Painfully relevant to understanding the current crisis engulfing (Greece) and the continent.” – Die Welt, 2012

“(Dimou’s book) offers a glimpse of Greek mentality.”– Il Sole 24 Ore, 2010

“A legendary book.” Mercedes Arancibia, Periodistas en Espagnol, Spain

“A Phidias of style.” Christophe Ono-Di-Bio, Le Point, France

“An unorthodox pamphlet, full of despair but useful.” Frederic Pagés, Le Canard enchainé, France

“Book of the year.” La Prensa, Chile

“Brief but intense work… Dimou has added to his aphoristic talent a key element: the thread. His aphorisms are often chained so the reasoning behind each one of them leads to the next … In some chapters the aphorisms appear as if they have been written in one sitting by a (writer of) clairvoyant intelligence.” Llàtzer Moix, LaVanguardia, Spain

“One hundred ninety-three relentlessly sharp and satirical aphorisms about Greece and the Greeks.” Carmen Romero, Le Monde Diplomatique, Spain

“Sharp, satirical and profound aphorisms. Their author is the uncomfortable witness of his country’s national reality, but he is also an honest and committed man.” G . Elorriaga, El Correo Spanish), Spain

“Hundred ninety-three aphorisms, that made ​​(Dimou) famous … Brevity, wit, satire.” – James Aizarna, El Diario Vasco, Spain

“A tiny little book but of seismic importance. (Dimou) is a kind of Asterix endowed with the magic potion of strength.” Neville Digital Magazine, Spain