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On Krishnamurti’s Teachings



Original Language: English (USA) | 292 pp. | July 2012

2 Seas Represents: World Translation Rights, except Chinese simplified.


The entire teachings are there ~ Krishnamurti on the 18 dialogues with Anderson.

On Krishnamurti’s Teachings. The Collected Writings, Talks and Classroom Discussions of Allan W. Anderson on the Teachings of J. Krishnamurti by Allan W. Anderson, Professor Emeritus from San Diego State University is an outstanding collection of writings and lectures all focused on the teachings of author and mystic J. Krishnamurti [1895-1986]. As a profoundly erudite and skilled scholar Prof. Anderson’s oeuvre would stretch across all religious and philosophical traditions but his in-depth understanding and penetration of the Krishnamurti teachings has deeply informed his own life’s work. Extensive reference is made to the dialogues that Krishnamurti had with Prof. Anderson in 1974 where they explore many subjects ranging over listening, conditioning, perception, transformation, and meditation in rapid questioning of each other. The lectures in this book serve as an excellent study companion to the dialogues and their printed texts. Readers will benefit and learn from Prof. Anderson’s affectionately open and inviting style of questioning and expression of subjects could be impersonal and intellectual.

Curiously there are not many credible scholarly works extant on the teachings of author and mystic J. Krishnamurti [1895-1986]. Allan W. Anderson, a gifted and highly qualified scholar, and experienced interlocutor with Krishnamurti, has filled this void with his collected works On Krishnamurti’s Teachings. Krishnamurti warned against interpretation of his work and Anderson has adroitly avoided that offense with the very simple technique to writing and speaking of the teachings from the vantage of a scholar at the same time personalizing the self-study aspect with penetrating adapted reflection. When he first encountered Krishnamurti in the early 1970s he summarily dismissed it as “warmed-over Buddhism” but quickly, after study and questioning, discovered a teacher with a vast and comprehensive teachings that put the whole of human experience and religious history into a new perspective. The university lectures included from 1979 are a biblical teaching in themselves that pierce and expand the essential Krishnamurti issues with gracefully precise candor. On Krishnamurti’s Teachings is an essential reference for any religious scholar or student of traditional texts but particularly relevant for students of the Krishnamurti teachings. Every line of Allan Anderson’s thoughtfully wrought texts invite the reader to reflect, doubt, and ponder. Anderson does the scholarly work and distills perennial questions and issues to the simple relevant present. In the presence of this valuable text collection all readers can become students of life.